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      Have just seen an email from Viva with latest Hot Properties/reductions and the 2nd one shows a villa in Coin for 1.8 million euros 😆 It’s new on as well, so all rush to view 8)

      Bog standard exterior, 5 bed 4 bath, really dated kitchen and bathrooms, very little style or quality, naff looking statues around garden and pool, those awful looking cheap balustrades you see in Spain everywhere, but the two worst things about it, it’s views are looking over the busy main road just below, it’s in Coin (not an attractive town IMO), as well as this ridiculous price.

      If it was on for 800k it would be overpriced, but to get it wrong by a million, someone needs a new valuer methinks 🙄

      Come on Viva, pleeeeease tell me it’s a mistake 😆

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