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      Marta Andreasen will give an interview to Talk radio Europe ( today at 11.15 continental time.

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      You seem quite smitten by her

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      Hi Mark,
      I am smitten by all women who have personality & strong character. I had never heard of her until her verbal slapping of Zapatero.

      As, I have mentioned on numerous occasion on the forum that I am fortunately not affected by the scandals in Spain. I however feel a sense of injustice & the reputation of a Country that I love passionately.

      The Radio programme may be helpful to people who looking for clues & directions in their quest.

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      From the office of Marta ANDREASEN marta.andreasen-office at

      I am Accredited Parliamentary Assistant to Marta Andreasen MEP. I am currently updating our database on Spanish property issues, which contains your e-mail address. I would be grateful if you could let me know the following information by return of this e-mail. You may know of other people who might want to submit details – please forward the e-mail t o them.

      Feel free not to supply any or all of it as you see fit.

      1) Name(s)

      2) Postal address

      3) Contact telephone number

      4) Nationality

      5) Position in relation to campaign
      (e.g. homeowner/victim; activist; supporter; journalist; lawyer; other-please specify)

      6) Location of property involved, if any (town/village and province)

      7) Nature of problem
      (e.g. Ley de Costas/demolition; bankrupt builder; corruption in local/central government; fraud; other-please specify)

      8) Dates/timescale (approximate if necessary)

      9) Are you aware of any involvement of European Union funding in any of your difficulties. If so please give details.

      Thank you for your assistance
      With best regards,

      Andrew Kinsman

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