Marbella’s mayor under arrest

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    National Police arrested this morning the mayor, her planning advisor and 13 other people involved in the town planning corruption scandal. They are now searching the Town Hall offices where every employee has been ordered to leave.

    Andalusian Junta is reviewing every license… one by one… they are studying to suspend Marbella’s planning competences for the maximum period allowed in Law (5 years)

    More information in the online El Pais, El Mundo, ABC and other Spanish media


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    Thanks for that, very interesting, today’s diario Sur doesn’t have the story.

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    It was bound to happen sooner or later.

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    More information in English for those non Spanish-speakers can be found here:

    and here:

    Although they are repeating that Last November the President of the regional government, Manuel Chaves, ordered the ‘immediate removal’ of town planning responsibilities of Marbella’s Town Hall and that the measure officially came into effect on December 12th last year, on the day that the regional government introduced its own regional law for housing and land use across the Andalucia region, this is not exactly true… Actually, they have started the legal process but today it hasn’t ended. Today they are talking of the possibility of suspending the whole Town Hall and name a Junta commission to rule the council.


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    Whilst this is just what was needed to stop the wholesale corruption in Andalucia, it is VERY worrying for those of us with large sums of money caught up in this scandal. We( Myself & Charlie & Sofia) are in the process of our Bank Guarantee being lodged at the court in Madrid (today!!!) to get our money back. ❗

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    Lets hope that leads to a general crackdown on corruption and crime in general on the CDS as it is long overdue.

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