Marbella style happening in other countries.

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    Marbella-style corruption crackdown in Bodrum

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    The Turkish Minister of Finance, and the Minister of Culture recently held talks with local officials in Spain about the Spanish model for property sales to foreigners. Following his return to Turkey, Unakitan said he had instructed Turkish officals to put in place a similar set of regulations ūüėĮ

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    god help the brits buying in turkey if the finance minister is taking tips from the spanish ‚Ěó

    you can just imagine the list of tips:

    1 the brits are gullable and will throw money away like it’s going out of fashion

    2 never respond to complaints

    3 never admit that anyone has done anything wrong

    4 turn a blind eye to illegal practices (black money, money laundering)

    5 allow unqualified people to give dodgy advice wherever possible

    6 allow deceit amongst the people who are supposed to be helping vendors as much as possible

    7 allow government officials to be party to fraud (see 4 above)

    8 allow builders and developers to go unchecked as far as plot size,
    amounts of units built etc

    9 encourage members of the legal proffesion to throw in with agents to further the deception

    damn could only come up with nine, wanted a top ten, anyone else got any suggestions ‚Ěď

    and before anyone complains, put your hand on your heart and tell the forum that these things don’t happen. just read back through the pages
    Chilly 8)

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