Manilva Town Council discriminating against non-residents

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    The ayuntamiento (town hall) in Manilva are giving Spanish residents a 25% discount on this year’s IBI, but charging non residents the full amount of the tax.

    This appears to be in contravention of the EU rules that all its citizens must be treated equally for taxation.

    Do any of the lawyers out there have a definite opinion and advice as to how to proceed.

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    Are they giving Spanish residents a discount or residents. It’s probably an important distiction that’ll keep lawyers in work for a while.

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    Where did you here this???

    Mark are you sure its not that they give 25% to those who are on the ‘padron’?

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    Thanks Marios,

    so its not discriminating against residents or non-residents.
    Quite a few municipalities have offered this in the past, as many who own properties down here tend to not be registered on the padron, and since the funds that a town hall is allocated from the central government is based on the numbers of the padron, they offer incentives to get more people registered.

    EDIT: I guess it could be discriminatory against those that own properties there, yet live in other municipalities.

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    @fuengi wrote:

    Where did you here this??? Mark are you sure its not that they give 25% to those who are on the ‘padron’?

    Hmmmm. The question was sent in by email, so I’m not sure about the original source 😕 But I’m told the discount is only for those on the padrón.

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    Ahhh. that’s what I thought. Not to nit pick Mark, but in quite a few cases you can be on a padron, and this not be a fiscal resident in Spain (in my experience anyway).
    Better to say discriminates against those who claim their primary residence is in Manilva and those who have a second home there.

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