Málaga Province to legalise 40,000 illegal homes

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    Doesn’t suprise me, buy doing this the way is paved for the crooked developers and Mayors to do exactly the same again when the next boom arrives (if there ever is one!). Anarchy rules!

    I saw a few days ago that permission has been given for yet another large development in Estepona. Wasn’t the new Mayor there supposed to have green credentials or have I lost the plot 😆

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    @katy wrote:

    Wasn’t the new Mayor there supposed to have green credentials…..

    Maybe ‘things’ come in green re-cycled envelopes now?
    So much more acceptable don’t you think.

    I must say I was surprised at the last Paragraph:
    Meanwhile it has been revealed that the Junta de Andalucía is to authorize as many as 4,000 new homes to the north of the motorway in Rincón de la Victoria, although an urbanization of 500 villas has been rejected.

    I would have thought it would have been tough shifting 500 villas let alone 4,000 new ‘homes’….and what does that mean? More apartments?!

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    There are already hundreds of empty flats and apartments north of the motorway in Rincon de la Victoria, built in the last couple of years. Why on earth build more?

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