Mal administration in a Community of Owners

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    Any advice (especially from our website lawyers)about how to deal with incompetent Administrators.

    Never get minutes of meetings – rarely told that meetings are taking place – have never seen the Statutes for the running of the Community – letters and emails never answered – owners accused of non payment of Community Fees – (even though they pay by direct debit!). Up to date accounts not produced when requests are made. That is just the tip of the iceberg!

    Do we have legal redress against such issues? Surely the Administrators are not acting within the spirit of the Horizontal Property Law in these circumstances.

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    Oliver B, Please check out this site. It gives you the details etc. Is the Administrator a member of the administrator & Fincas. ( The body that look after and sets are practise standards etc, each province has its own)

    Have you taken the matter with the President of your community ? It is his an responsibilty to provide all that you have asked for and like all the services he has delegated to the administrator. What are the views of the other residents, have you attended a meeting or used a proxy ?

    Depending on your circumstances you can place your service charges with a Notary until the matter has been resolved.

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    Thanks for the info Shakeel.

    We have just “lost” one President. The one we have now is only known to most owners by his name – that speaks volumes doesn’t it!

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