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    I would be grateful to know if you have to make a will in Spain. The reason I ask is that I was all set to make a will next week while over in Spain, until I asked the price – E250.00 per will – apparently you have to make separte wills (if you are married). I used to work in a legal office for 13 years – the most it used to cost would be E100 – E150 for both wills. Is this figure normal or am I way out of date, or do I have to make a will at all???

    Love to know. ūüėĮ Angela

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    Hi √Āngela,

    No, the figure is wrong.

    One Will

    120 euros plus 16% VAT= 139,2 Euros
    Two Wills

    240 Euros plus 16 VAT and normally you can ask the lawyer for a discount of say 20 euros If you draw up two Wills on the same day (say husband and wife). Albeit the lawyer doesn’t have to do a discount If he doesn’t want to. It’s up to us to decide.

    Besides all the above you have to pay Notaries Fees which are approximately 45 Euros per Will.

    And yes, you have to draw up two separate wills, one yourself, another your husband or couple only for your assets in Spain.

    So two Wills drafted by a lawyer is approximately= 368, 4 Euros or GBP 245 total including Notarie’s fees.

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    Buenas Tardes Drakan,

    Thank you for that information – now I have a bargaining tool. The figure I was quoted was E250 each – a bit of a difference from the E368. Thanks for all the information.

    ūüėÄ Angela

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    De nada, √Āngela. ūüėČ

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