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    Hi all,

    Newbie here! 🙂

    I have read that Spain and especially Marbella is going through a ‘soft market’ and prices are starting to come down. Is this the case in Majorca too??

    Any info or points of view appreciated.



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    The reason Marbella has a “soft market” as you call it ,is because of the corruption and scandals that have at long last come to light.

    I very much doubt that Majorca would be affected by it! 😕 If you find out differently, PLEASE let me know as that is our destination of choice but the prices are astronomical there. 🙁

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    Hi Claire,

    Thanks for your response. To be honest I don’t know myself either it’s just something I read that had started with Marbella and I wondered if it would spread to other destinations, ie whether it was something that was happening wherever people bought property in Spain.

    I agree that Marbella has a lot of corruption, I was worried that that would be the case in Majorca as that is our destination of choice. We’ve been looking to buy but it’s so expensive. If we were to make the huge decision to try, I’d hate for prices to drop. 🙁

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