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    Hi is there anyway i can find out who the MD is of Majestic Group Spain.
    Has anyone had any dealings with this organisation?
    Any information would be really appreciated.


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    I am aware of many issues with this developer. Is it a specific development that is the problem?

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    I am aware of many issues with this developer. Is it a specific development that is the problem?

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    Oh what a history this company have. Not just as property developers

    For those of you not aware, they were the owners of the company that controlled Mijas Racecourse owing many people money – they also seem to have had a hand in the receipt of money from Mijas Town Hall to subsidise concerts at the racecourse last year that never (allegedly) never reached the organisers,

    To find out more about some of the things alledged against Majestic Group see

    A couple of the interesting posts found there are…….

    The Hippodromo at Mihas and the Race Track at Dos Hermanas have been told by the Madrid authorities that they can no longer operate after this Friday – Majestic Group are under investigation by Madrid! I wonder how that leaves things now
    Comment by Steve Franks on Wednesday 14 September 2005, 11:25 (BST)

    Watched the Majestic debacle tonight on their own TV channel when they said this was the last race meeting at the Hippodromo, as they are being closed down for tax evasion and money laundering, nice of them to inform the trainers and owners of their horses who are blissfully unaware of what is going on – what are they supposed to do, sell their horses in training to the UK
    Comment by Steve Shaw on Saturday 17 September 2005, 23:16 (BST)

    There is a Spanish magazine called Revieu and there is a four page spread about the majestic group with pictures of all the con men involved…Frank Mani, diego estaban etc… etc…they are being investigated for fraud, tax evasion the whole nine yards. it will mean the end for Majestic, REm, Majestic Real Estate, Majestic TV…everything! The town hall of Mijas is also in trouble for missing funds which were given to Mani
    Comment by don on Wednesday 21 September 2005, 12:22 (BST)

    There are a lot more comments on that board all worth a view!

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    This stuff about Madge and REm etc is quite old (Sept last year) Seems like the imminent closure etc etc didn’t happen – ???

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