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      ‘Six out of 13 civil servants in the court have been diagnosed with tumours

      Workers at the First Instance Court Nine in Alicante have called for the court to be moved after tumours have been found in six of the 13 civil servants who work there. The court is located above two electrical transformers in the Alicante Justice Palace. Technicians inspected the site four years ago and said there was no danger, but the workers are now demanding a move again following another case of a tumour which was discovered yesterday. The Judge and the Judicial Secretary support the Civil Servants and have written to the President of the Provincial Court asking for something to be done.’
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      ‘The body of the 68 year old Briton, J.P. Olsen, who was the only fatality resulting from the outbreak of Legionnaires Disease centred on Arroyo de la Miel Municipal Ice Rink, was cremated yesterday in the International Cemetery in Málaga. He died last Monday. Around 50 people attended the ceremony, including the Mayor of Benalmádena, Javier Carnero, and several local councillors.

      15 people in total were affected by the outbreak, and with five days with no new cases it’s thought that only the tower at the ice rink was the source.

      The Prosecutor’s Office has started proceedings to see whether anyone is criminally responsible for the outbreak, with the maintenance company under particular scrutiny. The company awarded the concession to run the ice rink could see that concession removed. Meanwhile two other people affected have been allowed home from hospital, taking the number of people remaining under treatment down to five.’
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      Just to add, the Ice Rink did not have a final opening licence and “other irregularities” were discovered.

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      And another thing….The former Mayor of Benalmadena, Enrique Bolín, was voted out as Mayor just May this year. The company that holds the concession to operate the centre at Arroyo de la Miel was aware of the detection of dangerous levels of Legionella bacteria in the cooling tower in May, but neither the cooling tower nor the facility itself was closed while treatment was undertaken.

      Enrique Bolin is the man who awarded the ‘medal of the City’ to Cristóbal Peñarroya (La Reserva Developer) last February, in spit of the fact that he was out on bail & implicated in the Malaya Case. Ex-mayor Bolin has also been under investigation for ‘planning crimes’.

      I really hope that Mr Olsen’s family are able to pursue this investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office thoroughly.

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