Madrid to regulate “illegal” tourist rentals

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    Now it’s Madrid’s turn to get heavy on tourist rentals.

    The news is the regional government is preparing a decree to solve the “problem” of illegal tourist rentals, which basically means the vast majority of them.

    It won’t be easy warns Ana Isabel Mariño, the councilor in charge of tourism for Madrid. She points out how difficult it would be to enforce, because it would be “quite impossible” to go kicking down doors to see what’s going on inside private homes.

    Once again, the drive against holiday lettings is being agitated for by the hotel lobby. They want to stamp it out all over Spain, by the looks of things.

    We’ll have to wait and see what sort of decree Madrid produce, but it won’t be long coming.

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    What’s the situation with renting out property to “normal” tenants? There are a lot of landlords in Madrid who rent out rooms to students, expats, workers, English teachers etc. Will they be affected by these requirements?

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    We’ll have to see what the decreto says when it comes out, but I would guess they will be 😕

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    The modification of the Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos is part of the latest legislation affecting illegal holiday establishments and it will enter in vigor as soon as its published in the B.O.E. The ley de medidas de flexibilizacion y formento del mercado del alquiler de viviendas introduces an extra bit to the Art 5 which will now EXCLUDE the commercial use of the home for tourism from the protection of this rental law. It is introduced to stimulate the availability of rental properties at prices affordable to people who want somewhere to live. It puts an end to the idea that a property owner can fill a house with as many people as they can, at the price they want, without insurance and with complete indifference to the neighbours.
    Cataluña already has a decret that controls holiday accommodation… this protects the tourists rights and safety, protects the citizens rights to live unharrassed by an uncontrolled tourist trade in inappropriate locations. The laws are not being made just to ruin property owners dreams of paying off a luxury villa in 5 years and living happily ever after on juicy weekly rents. They are being introduced to protect local residents jobs and homes and to protect tourists from greedy people who think they can direct a safe tourist business without even being in the area. Illegal holiday homes pay no extra local taxes and no nation insurance contributions, however holiday makers cause additional costs, the local communities. services and councils cannot afford to keep picking up the tab for a basically non beneficial tourism.

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