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      In the last years the Spanish Courts have dealt with thousands of legal claims all over Spain from buyers that paid deposits to buy properties under construction, and soon found themselves with no property, with no deposit and dealing with a bankruptcy process of the company that sold the house.

      We have been dealing with these cases since 2012 and finally the Courts are issuing sentences in favor of our clients, making the banks where our clients paid their deposits, responsible for not confirming that the amounts were covered by a bank guarantee. One example of these developments is Santa Ana del Monte in Jumilla (Herrada del Tollo), which was never built.

      This action expires within 15 years since the amounts were paid to the developer or the completion date of the property passed with the property not being finished.

      If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide free quotation and “no win no fee” proposals.

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