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    Hi anybody this is Pete

    I paid 30% Deposit on an apartment on Los Lagos In September 2003.
    I am hearing things regarding this site and it is making me nervous.

    1 No Licence
    2 Over Developed
    3 This site does not reflect anything like the brochure and the scale model in the sales centre when we paid our deposit.
    4 Build Quality

    We are now being pressured by our Lawyers (D/L) to complete.

    Does anybody know anything about (D/L) and ERalia

    Is ther an action group for this site already or do we need to form one.

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    Get in touch with my lawyer, she is on the list of lawyers on this site (Maria, based in Algericas) she will be most helpful. Please don’t let your lawyers push you to do something you are not happy with.

    Good luck

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    Look at http://www.devwatch.com I’m sure you will find something on that site about this development.

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    Hi Peter, I have also bought at Los Lagos de Santa Maria and as far as I am aware, the only thing that we are waiting for is the first occupancy licence. I have not heard of any other problems. The development looks nice. I was told that the delay in getting the f.o.l was that the roads were not ready and the bridge was too steep and dangerous and has to be adjusted. Some people have moved in and is getting the water and electricity on the developers supply. I have been advised not to complete until the f.o.l has been issued. You should definitely not feel under any pressure to complete. As I understand, you are under no obligation to do so.

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    Just remember without the first habitacion licence you cannot sell your property if you want to , you cannot get your utilities connected and you won’t be able to register your escritura (deeds).
    I agree best not to complete until this licence comes through.

    Axwhale ūüôĀ

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    Depending on what it says in your purchase contract ,you can sell your property, but I don¬īt think you can obtain a mortgage without the first occupancy licence.

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