Loose lips sinks ships …. DCCI

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      On a recent visit to CDS, I found myself on the bus from Marbella to Fuengirola. Four individuals got on the bus and were all dressed in the caricature suit and tie (but no red though lol) as they all sat on the seats in front of me I couldn’t help but overhearing their conversation. Allegedly they are not happy bunnies due to the name change and are simply staying until the end of the month when they get paid. One was speculating that they may not even get paid. This not unusual for CDS, but what was interesting is two of the four are Latvian and have only booked 4 Russian clients since they started six weeks ago. For a lot of agents, Russia is supposed to be their saviour!

      HE who must not be named was poncing about OPP live in November in his shinny blue suit again no red though! HE and his mob are not the force they were and nor do they have the “muscle” they once had. As you will know Mark as you were there too!

      Feliz Navidad everyone!


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