Looking to buy on the Costas, need help finding a reputable mortgage broker.

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    Hi, I lived out in Ibiza for a number of years, and bought (and sold) my property out there under the table…

    However, I’m almost certainly returning to the Malaga area, I’ve an idea what I want, and the price I want to be paying.  I’m not looking to overstretch myself, nor am I looking for a mansion.  But I do want to find a “set” in terms of a mortgage broker, lawyer and accountant who can all make things work without some of the amazing fees I’ve been charged in the past…

    Of course, I’d like to get as much of this done prior to our arrival in the area for a recce early next year, and be sorted with at least a DiP and the means to carry it forward fairly rapidly if we find something…

    Can anybody recommend such a set, preferably in the Malaga area?

    I’m also looking for a reasonably central base from which to do our recce, for say 3-4 weeks, probably shortly after Xmas…

    Cheers in advance


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    Mark Stücklin

    Hi Mike,

    Sounds like you are getting well organised nice and early. That’s the best way to avoid problems.

    I don’t know of any mortgage brokers based in that area, nor an accountant. But for lawyers try this list:

    List of English-speaking lawyers in Spain

    Out of curiosity, why Malaga and not back to Ibiza?

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    Hi Mark

    my business in the “old days” was sound n lights…I used to put together the clubs…

    My new business is a bit more old fashioned and we manufacture and sell stuff, and we ship a lot of it, but having a base in Spain, the Balearics would be lovely, but very impractical…I’ve known the entire telephone network go down for 3 days, I can’t live with that!!!

    Yes, we’re fairly organised, I have lawyers with offices in Spain and the UK, I think I may have found a mortgage broker, I already had an insurance broker from my years there, so now its just finding a base to work from in January/February in the Malaga region…



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