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      Hi, I am currently looking to relocate to Spain in reach of Gibraltar and have been looking at some nice quite areas. I would be riding a motorbike as my main means of transportation so a place where to park it would be needed. I would be living alone for starter but my wife will join me too in the next few months and she doesn’t drive so walking distance to shops would be a great advantage. I have seen a few houses apartments about a month ago and did not quite like the part of Alcaidesa which had white houses and seemed quite deserted but the other areas seemed great. Please let me know of any available properties starting with 20th May on long term. Price range would be up to €700 but I would rather stick to €400/500 for starters and after about a year possibility of buying a house will be on the table:)

      Any additional information is much appreciated to making the move. I would be looking at hiring one of them UK – Spain vans and maybe using the Ferry to Bilbao instead of driving the whole of France.

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