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    Well there’s a first, just went to log in, and message saying something I’ve never seen before about exceeding log in attempts so have to solve a Captcha code as well. No more attempts than usual, is this new Mark, is there a maximum now?

    Enjoyed it all the same, a bit of Christmas cheer 😆

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    First I’ve heard of it!

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    hi Angie, normally that means that you (or from you computer) has tried to log on several times and got the password wrong.

    Probably the husband wanting to know what your doing on this forum so much! 😉

    That or he thinks your being flirtatious with DBMarcos….. :mrgreen:

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    Have you seen him Fuengi? 🙄 No way 😆

    Yes, I probably mis-spelt password in my haste to update the forum 😉

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