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      Can anyone out there advise as to how to register to vote in the elections in May? Does it depend on the length of time you spend in Spain during a year? As we only spend 10 weeks a year in our property will we have the vote?

      I’m hopng that some well placed votes from me and others will de-throne our Mayor whose palms have become very greasy from dirty money!


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      Hi there – you need to be registered on the electoral roll at the town hall (empadronamiento is the correct name) and then once you have your certificate you can enroll to vote.

      If you are away I beleive you can vote by prowy but Im not 100% sure of that.

      You also need to know about each partiesd manifestos as the previous lot who created all the aggro in Marbella were actually under the now disbanded GIL party!

      The pp are the most popular according to polls and are right of centre, the PSOE are next at left of centre.

      Unfortunately the socialists )who are now in governement) are in favour of more taxes – as usual!

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