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    Is anybody aware of any tourism related grants or loans being offered either by the the Spanish government or by Andalucia with idea of encouraging the development of tourism projects?

    Maybe to build tourist facilities inland or in more rural areas of Andalucia?

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    For “sustainable” tourism projects, yes. You need to contact the Consejeria de Turismo, Comercio y Deporte.
    More info here:
    Be aware there is a closing date each year for applications which seems to be 31st March.

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    Sorry to steer the thread off subject a bit but as Hilly Billy has succinctly answered the question, then possibly it’s OK.

    My question relates to what assistance is available to encourage investors in general.

    Everything from having an ecologically sustainable and zero carbon footprint business to providing facilitators to encourage businesses to start up in an area and grants to help establish a rurally beneficial initiative that commercially benefits a region.

    I have tried the Spanish Embassy but they are not very helpful. Has anyone any tips?

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    Do a google search on “subvenciones” and the town where you live.

    Should bring up all the grants available for that area.

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