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      We are ready to put an offer on a house which we intend to renovate. Although we have enough money to buy the house and do the renovation we would rather get a mortgage/loan as we would like to take on a similar project with a second property. At the moment neither my wife nor myself are working although we are hoping to set up an online company in the next year or so. Can anyone recommend a Spanish bank where we might get such a loan and what rates to expect? We have approached a couple of banks about mortgages but to no avail.We are both residents in Spain.

      Thanks for any advice


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      Hi Phil,

      Mortgages are always too dependent upon personal circumstances to be able to rattle off a couple of lines of advice.

      I suggest you follow the link below, fill in the form that it leads you to, and that will trigger a process, which ends up with you getting a free appraisal from a good mortgage broker who I recommend.




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      I would steer clear of the Halifax Banco Espana,they neglect to tell you all the charges involved,1010€ just to put the next stage payment (58800€)into my account its scandalous and will be taking it up with them next time I am in Spain.

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