Litigation to Complete…. How more Bizarre can it Get??

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    As some of you are aware I have been getting the run around from both a builder and solicitor.

    After a meeting with my solr and the builder re a 3 year delay securing the LFO (which was granted) the builder said he would revert with a discount. He never did before the completion date at the notarys and my solicitor said it was ok not to complete as it was up to the builder to get back to us.

    My guess re this is that it was in the contract that if we did not complete on the required day we forfeit our deposit.

    Anyway that was in July 08 and we have been trying with no avail to contact the developer to close at full price. Here we are 8 months later and we have still heard nothing.

    Now my Solicitor want to litigate to complete?? However the same solicitor did not:

    1. Secure the Bank Guarantee in the first place
    2. Cancel the contract at my request in 2007
    3. Agreed to loose / soft contract terms in the contract, such as no completion date
    4. Didnt send a bureau fax after our meeting with the developer to confirm details of same
    5. Didnt send a bereau fax with details before the completion to say why we would not be at the notary
    6. Finally and this could mean I loose my deposit, told me it was ok not to complete at the Notary

    Have you ever heard the likes of it…. I have to sue to buy… bizarre.

    Is there any way we can find out if this solicitor has done much work for this developer?

    I’m just venting..


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    If you have any reservations then seek the advice of an independent solicitor and consider transferring your file etc

    If this solicitor came via the estate agent or developer then there is probably a relationship there ……

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    It’s M-E..isn’t it Conn? (Are we allowed to mention them? đŸ˜¯ )

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    Sorry Claire its RO based in Marbella..

    We must talk sometime. I will need your advice.


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