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      I’m looking into arranging a Lifetime loan for my parents. Can anyone recommend a bank/lending institution that offers Lifetime loans? They are in Andalusia near Mojacar. Thanks!



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      Mark Stücklin

      Richard, I don’t know of any lenders in Spain who offer life-time loans. The mortgage market here is nothing like the UK. You can try a mortgage broker, maybe better luck with one of them.

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      As you have noted, the Spanish mortgage market is very different to the U.K. market.

      However, this sort of subject, (equity release/lifetime loans), is likely to become more frequent as time passes. (Two posts in the last week or so, and we are all getting older).

      Would it not be a good idea to ask one of the friendly lawyers on here to post a few lines on the subject ?

      I understand that Spain has a system similar to the French “viager” process, which can be viewed as an equity release system, through a combination of part capital and part future income. From what I have read on the subject, the process is managed by insurance companies in Spain.

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      Inland Andalucia

      Very few companies offer this and as far as I know most Spanish banks are limiting it to Spanish nationals. Previously was offered to residents over the age of Spanish retirement i.e. 65.

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      Jeane Dupont

      I have found the information about foreign mortgage loan terms in Spain, and maximum age of borrower by the end of the loan term is 65.
      But my co-worker has purchased a house in torrevieja with a mortgage for any years. She was 64 years old at the time. I don’t know, how she obtained the mortgage loan, but she did it.

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