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    We would like to know practical details about Xativa, please.

    How easy is it to reach Xativa by bus from the airport ?

    How expensive is an old townhouse near the centre ?

    How is the weather in winter? does it snow?

    Many thanks

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    Hi Arataca

    I will try and answer your questions as best as possible.

    Transport from the airport by bus – non existent. The only buses go into the City centre (as far as I am aware) and then you would need to get a train – trains come once per hour I believe and take about 45 minutes to Xativa.

    An old townhouse in the centre – expect to pay from around 70,000 for a 2 bed th which needs a bit of work (as opposed to total reform) upto around 200,000 or more for a 3-6 bedroom townhouse fully reformed depending on the total sq M – expect about 180M -240M for this sort of price

    It can snow in winter – it last year. Xativa is at a height of 800M above sea level so it is going to be colder than at the beach. You will need a place that has central heating – albiet for 2-3 months of the year but it can get very cold. In general though it doesnt snow – it can be icy for about 3-4 days of the year maybe more depending. Last year and 4 years ago were the worst weather for 22 years or more. Normally it isnt that bad (about 13-15 C on average during ther day and about 6 -10 at night) but be prepared for the odd cold day and the ocassional week or two of wet weather

    Hope this helps



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    Dear Vince

    Thank you for your help. We are now in Cambados, Galicia, where the prices of similar property seem to be more expensive than in Xativa. We believe the weather in Xativa is colder and drier than here.


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    Hi there Arataca

    I think you will be very shocked by the temperature in Galicia in winter – it does get down below 0 regularly in winter. It may be lovely there now (in september – but then it is inmost places in Spain) however you have Atlantic weather which is colder and windier than the Mediteranean.

    Whereas Galicia gets much less rain than the UK during the summer months, it gets almost three times its rain during the winter

    Winter days can be cold and wet or when the wind blows from the North can be sunny during the day and bitter cold at night. If you think Xativa gets cold then the North is even colder

    However it is a beautiful area with mountains and craggy beaches – it has been described as the Cornwall of Spain – but like Cornwall has similar weather.

    Good luck in your search



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    You have a train every half an hour from Monday to Friday saturday and sunday every hour
    In a year or so there would be a high speed line (more than 200 km/h ) next to xativa station
    There is a bus every 20 minutes or so (from estacion del Norte in Valencia city in calle Bailen – to the airport) in less than a yeat there would be a direct link by metro to the airport in 15 minutes.
    Summer is very hot in Xativa ,winter a little cold but of course not a real winter.
    Snow? sometimes there is a strange winter and you can see snow but is so rare

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