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      Hi all

      Ive been reading about the licenses needed for renting a property in Spain, and i know it varies from place to place but are these licenses as bad as some make out or is there still some room for potential rental income in Spain?

      I understand air con and heating is necessary, but im not sure if wifi is also a requirement and what other main issues is one likely to encounter?

      Any advice is welcome, or further reading too


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      Hi gwebstech,

      Found some links below on my abogado’s website and also on here as I’ve also been reading up in relation to possible letting. The actual requirements don’t seem that onerous as good holiday rental properties provide most of it anyway, my worry would be how long it takes to actually get ‘approval’ from the Spanish authorities! If you have a place that will also cost a lot to get up to standard eg installing full aircon and the like, I guess longer term letting might be easiest which doesn’t have the same requirements. I think renting for longer than 2 months is not classed as ‘holiday’ letting.

      We could do with some general abogado input here or comments from any rental owners who have successfully registered their properties??

      SOMEONE must have registered a holiday by now? Hope it’s ok to put on links?

      I’m a new user

      ANDALUSIA: Holiday rental regulations in new Decree explained in detail



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      Can anyone please recommend a lawyer in Malaga district to handle the registration?


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      Andalusia approved on the 3rd of February this new decree, in compliance with this Decree, and Law 13/2011, of Tourism in Andalusia, landlords may register as from the 11th of May 2016 onwards, day on which this new Decree will come into forcé.

      ‚ÄúAll¬† tourist rental property or a holiday property that are located in buildings placed in residential land, where accommodation for tourist purposes is provided for a price and on regular basis,¬† offered and promoted in tourism channels, less 2 months‚ÄĚ

      Article 6 of the Decree establishes the main obligations of the owner or persons representing the property:

      1.    Registration in the Tourism Registry for the Region of Andalucia, Spain.

      2.    House conditioning (Compliance of the touristic property requirements).

      3.    Contracts adapted to the new law.

      4.    Identification of the user of the property and completing the corresponding entrance forms.

      5.    Provision of proof of payments for the services and down payments made if applicable.

      All landlords that wish to rent out their properties in Andalusia must register their property from the 11th of May 2.016 onwards.

      All properties that are not registered or have not filed a declaration of responsibility and are being rented out for tourism purposes could be fined up to 180,000 euros. Also, any property that does not meet the requirements of this Decree may also be fined.

      Thanks to our long term experience in the tourism sector in Andalusia, we can help you to supply all detail and document needed to register your property, we offer a comprehensive service that includes advisory on compliance of the law requirements, collection of all relevant documents and preparation and presentation of the responsible declaration before the appropriate delegation of the Council.

      On the other hand, I would also inform you¬†as non-resident in Spain, as owner of an urban property located in this country, you are subject to Non-Residents’ Income Tax.

      Marisela Castro


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