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      Hi One-and-All,

      I am told by my architect that we need to apply for a “licencia de obras mayor” in connection with some work we’re doing.

      Am I right in saying that, when the license is granted there is a period of time that the work needs to be completed in. If so, what dictates the length of time, can you make it as long as you like? And what happens if the time period expires and the work isn’t complete?

      I’ll express my apologies now if the above is all a figment of my imagination fueled on by copious ‘snorters’ of manzanilla – and no, I don’t mean camomile tea 🙂

      The reason I ask is that with the Euro rate it is, I’d like to have the option of ‘stringing’ out the work over a long period.

      Many thanks in advance.

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      Hi Mike…

      No, not too much drinking (of whatever, it ought to be sidre really or at least a good rioja!!).

      Best to ask at the ayuntamiento but….

      In Siero there is a time limit on the works, I can check how long on one of ours if you like..if I can remember where they are but I think from memory it was 3 months (or maybe 6..). I was told that you would then need to speak very nicely to the ayuntamiento to get it extended and might have to pay again if they were in a particularly bad mood….

      So, don´t apply until you need them…a bit of a catch 24 as you can´t start work until you have it but then don´t really want to apply until you are ready to start so what are your builders doing in the meantime?! Hopefully something with a minor licence at your property and not working else where so they can start the major stuff ASAP!! By the way, the time limit applies to all licences, not just the major ones but the ayuntamiento here don´t seem that bothered if you are not finished on time..

      Good luck..


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      Hmmmmm ……. well what a Catch 22 this is !

      On the upside:

      – the workforce are being spread across my place and a Spanish friend, who’s building a large lux hotel near Llanes. A symbiosis that’s looking to dovetail nicely and can take a certain ammount of flex in timescales.

      – had a good relationship with the mayor and hubby going way back, before we bought here. Hopyfully the old addage “it’s who you know and not what you know” will allow us some latitude if there’s an over-run.

      I’ve fired off an email to the architect to see what he says and I’ll post the results.

      It kind of strikes me that the licensing system and the surrounding players, make it fairly torturous to phase a large job into small parcels – in the hope that the Euro rate improves and/or labour costs reduce.

      Interestingly a month ago, the judges said they’d seen an ‘avalanche’ of applications to the Asturian courts for bankruptcy filings – 80% of which were in the construction or REA sector. More interestingly though, although this decline has been going on for months, Labour and material costs aren’t dropping here.

      Get back to you soon.


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      Heather ….. just a little wine supplimental.

      If you ever stray into Leon, then keep an eye out for wines from the Bierzo DO region (about 100 miles south west of you near town of Ponferrada) – I may be burnt for a heretic but IMO beats Rioja. One of the better bodegas is Peique.

      As for the Sidre, then thats a given – all the villages in the valley have their own cider and at least one type of cheese made there. Throw in the excellent salmon fishing and its approaching nirvana.

      All this talk’s making me thirsty.

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      Thanks for the wine tip! My parents are visiting but have gone to Leon this week for a little holiday so I sent them a SMS!!

      You break down the work by getting more than 1 license I guess, looking at the list of stuff that counts as major, you could probably split the work into areas, floors or rooms I guess and pay less each time – probably backfire in the architects costs thou!! You know, even though our house was a wreck, as we made/needed no structural changes (except roof..) we avoided the architect route thank goodness, sounds a pain!!

      But if you know the mayor..what are you worrying about 😆

      Good luck, yell when you are next here and we will all have to meet for a glass of something!

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