Licence To Build A Swimming Pool

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    To settle a “discussion” can anyone advise me approximately how long ago did it become law in Andalucia that you require a licence to build a swimming pool at a private property ?

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    We were asked to submit plans and apply for a licence for our swimming pool in 2003. This involved getting plans drawn up by an architect – cost 1400 euros. Cost of licence 800 plus euros.

    I have read that this tends to differ from Ayuntamiento to Ayuntamiento, but would be interested to know what the law says.

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    On a similar theme, can anyone tell me what restrictions apply to building a pool. Are you limited by the size of your plot, or constrained by the size of the property already built on the plot?
    To be more specific, I am looking at a house of 400m build size on a plot of 1500m. The place already has a splash pool, but if I were to buy it, would it be fairly straight forward to put in a decent size pool?
    Thank-you for any replies.

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    I am not sure if I am correct but I think I read somewhere that some areas are prohibiting the construction of swimming pools due to water shortages/problems. I know this may sound like a joke but I was told by someone in the Town Hall in Marbella that to do anything on your plot you need a licence even if the size of a window is changed.

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    Are our legal experts around today, Drakan, Cesar, Maria who could respond to the original question ?

    Kind regards

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    This is regulated by Local Law. It difers from one Local Council to another one.


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    Same reply as María.

    Takes a case-by-case study and differes from one Town Hall to the next.

    But in short you do need a licence from the TH to build it.

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    Maria & Drakan

    Many thanks for your response.

    We have been informed by an estate agent, the reason the vendor does not possess a building licence for the swimming pool is that it is only within the last couple of years that it is required by law, due to water shortages !

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    Hi ambre solaire!
    The necessity of a licence to build a pool is nothing really to do with water shortages, although at the moment some licences are apparently being denied on that basis.
    A major works licence is required (and AFAIK has been for many years) along with an architect’s proyecto for a pool because it is a building structure that needs to be properly designed.
    I have asked an architect friend if he can come up with a definitive date regarding the requirement for building licences for pools.

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    This is very much a local issue.

    This summer I finished building a new pool in my garden.

    My planning application was accepted by the council with a simple thumbnail sized drawing and a handwritten quote from a local Bulgarian builder. The licence for the pool measuring 10mx4m cost just 600 euros.

    Nobody suggested involving an architect.

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