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    Hi All can anyone help i have been told that the pool in the complex is fenced off because it needs a licence(from who) should the complex come with all permit/licences needed kevin c

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    Hi Kevin

    When we moved into our development in July we were told we needed a Pool Licence which is granted by the Department of Sanitation. Our Secretary-Administrator arranged this. The Department needed to check pool environment, notices (about numbers allowed at any one time, no unsupervised children under 12), depth of pool, arrangements for pool maintenance etc.

    They also told us that our pool, being over 200sq m needed a Lifeguard and they licence the lifeguards. We are now in a situation where we pay €600 a month for a person to sit at the side of the pool for 4.5 hours a day. So watch out for this – I’d be interested to see if they do the same at your development.

    The builder just happens to build the pool at this size, it is an irregular (stupid) shape so its not easy to measure and it creates employment for the students during the summer season.

    The other crazy thing is, that according to Andulacian pool regulations a pool can not be any deeper than 1.3m at the shallowest end. Our pool was 1.4m so ‘they’ arranged to re-paint the depth marker and now the pool is ‘legal’. We have no easy access for children or the elderly and no access for the disabled but as long as we’re employing someone as a Lifeguard that’s okay.

    Not only is it the cost of the lifeguard it’s the limitation of being able to swim. The season is from June to September. If it’s warm and you want to swim any other time of the year you can’t or risk being fined if the pool inspectors catch you. Crazy or what. Really makes me mad, as you can tell.

    Kind regards.


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    Of course a complex needs to come with all the Licences needed.
    You can ask for compensation/reduction of price…

    There is a thread on swimmimg pools in this forum:

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