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      Mark – A huge thank you for this additional Forum on SPI. I am sure it will be a very welcome aid to those who face serious problems with their property purchase in Spain.

      On 11 July I received a response from the Office of our new Minister for Europe – Jim Murphy. They acknowledge my letter & copy of letter to his predecessor Geoff Hoon, and say this has been passed to Mr Murphy for his Personal Attention & Response. I think this is excellent news. For anyone who wants to write to Jim Murphy MEP, his details can be found here:

      Will let you know when I hear from Jim Murphy & what he has to say.

      Please continue to send your ‘signatures’ to Our Petition. In support of Our Petition, details can also be added to the Lawyer Complaints Document, in the event of breaches of Professional Codes of Ethics, Conduct & Practice. Both will be presented to the British Government via the Minister for Europe, and also to the relevant Spanish Authorities:

      Very Many Thanks

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