Lessons to be learned from the French?

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      I found this article interesting, especially the last part ‘Two conditions’. It seems the French have held on to commonsense.


      Have a good weekend everyone.

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      it certainly seems to make more sense. Our culture of ‘greed is good’ ‘buy now, pay later’ is coming back to haunt us in a big way.

      More prudence from the banks and c.c companies would have stopped much of this. Looks like a very hard lesson for many young people to learn. For most of us in middle age or older, i think it’s just a matter reverting to the old ways, if we don’t already?

      When you hear of the heads of collapsing banks getting millions in bonuses for failing!, then it’s hard to expect anyone to be told they should behave in a responsible way for getting things right.

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      House prices in France are extremely high. The quality of the apartment I rented in Chamonix this year was worse than any of the apartments I rented in Spain (and it was a 250K Euros apartment).

      I do not think French can be an example of restraint and greedlessness.

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      i don’t think their amount of debt per head is anywhere near as high as ours?

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      I know it was a while ago, but we lived in St Germain-en-Laye when my husband was with KPMG in Paris. A fabulous place to live! I have many happy memories of living there.
      Everyone we knew rented then. (French & English) Owning a property was not as important as it was in the UK. When we came back here we bought our first house within a month of our return!
      All countries have a different culture that cover many aspects of life. France is quite different from the UK or even Spain. I don’t think paying for things on credit cards is so bad…providing it can be payed off. If prices were more in line with earnings then credit would be unnecessary. Let’s not forget, the Banks have earned a fortune issuing credit cards and loans. When the good times were here, nobody moaned about it.(cheap money) People/companies were happy to make money from cheap credit/ easily obtained mortgages. Perhaps (hopefully) we will soon see more affordable prices for commodities on the high street….. if the shops want to survive.

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      has anyone seen the ad for “buy as you view”??
      they proudly boast an apr of over 45%!!!! and they still have customers
      are people stupid or is it just a case of ” i must have a 42″ plasma??”

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      “has anyone seen the ad for “buy as you view”??

      Where are the ads ?? which Country. What do you view.

      “they proudly boast an apr of over 45%!!!! “
      They, who ?developers, agent, in which Country ?? apr due you mean APR, annual percentage rate ??/

      “and they still have customers”

      They , who ? how do you know they still have customers ?? Is what “they” claim ???

      ” are people stupid !

      Many of them are. !!!!!!!!!!
      or is it just a case of ” i must have a 42″ plasma??”

      Is a TV ad or a 42″ APR ???

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      i m sure your pulling my leg, but here goes.
      buy as you view are a company that sell household items (they started, i believe selling tvs with coin slots) similar to radio rentals, they are UK based and their tv ad states an Annual Percentage Rate of 45.6%

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      No I wasnt pulling your leg. I was completely lost. I have now checked the website. I think I am still missing something. What has this got to do
      with French property system or the APR ????/

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      if you read Claires post there are references to cheap credit and i was just pointing out that the other end of the spectrum is a far cry!
      i realise it was a little off topic but how many topics stay on course for more than 3 replies on this, or any forum.
      calm down dear!

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