Lessons from the financial meltdown.?

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    Looking on You Tube I found a wonderful sketch by John Bird and John Fortune, the incredible thing is it was recorded over a year ago before a lot of the problems ,banks and other financial institutions had ,came to light.

    To see it go into You Tube , put –John Bird in the search box and search then click on– Bird and Fotune -Subprime crisis.

    The whole sketch sums up for me the problems of mass marketing , the jargon involved in hair brained investment vehicles, property in Spain etc where Messrs Bird and Fortune speak of banks , Property could have been inserted.

    I hope everyone who views it enjoys it and hopefully will learn something from it and more importantly remember it when the good times come again and remember not to be sucked into the euphoria of hairbrained investment schemes and take what so called “experts “be it property, banking or whatever with a pinch of salt.


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    These two are excellent. I love the one they did on the ‘Investment Banker’.

    See top screen titled “Bird and Fortune on the Financial Crisis”. Has the arrogance down to a ‘T’.


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    oh i love these two. The serious look they have on their face, when they are talking political twaddle is priceless……and often close to the real thing!

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