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      Hi all,
      I require some legal advice and was wondering if anyone could help me.
      The apartment I am having built is now 1 year over the contract completion date.
      I am wanting to claim compensation for this and the last time I was over in Spain in September I was told that under Spanish law I am entitled to a refund of 3 times the amount I have already paid as the contract has been broken.
      Could someone tell me if this is true or was this person just trying to give me “friendly” advice.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      I would say that unless you have a clause in your contract with the developer specifically stating this fact , there is nothing that I have ever heard of in Spanish law,(sadly 🙁 ) to uphold that you will receive three times what you have paid so far.
      Do you have a bank guarantee? If you do this will help in your claim. If you do not then your claim will be more difficult. Either way, I think you will need a good lawyer to take your claim through the Courts.
      I am not legally qualified…I just speak from experience.

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      No one can give the correct advice without seeing your actual contract.
      Suggest you take it to a lawyer.
      If your contract has been broken then you are entiltled to interest when you get your money back…. but 3x what you have paid !!. 😯 don’t think so.

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      Breach of contract has several legal actions in the Civil Code. It depends on how. Also, a look on the contract will definitively help, but the Spanish Civil Law is regulating all the civil contractual world even when no statement on cancellation appears in the contract. It is implemented by the CIvil Code.

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