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      I have read so much on these forums and it has been so helpful, but it has also shown me how much we didn’t know in advance which is quite frightening, particularly having read property articles, asked loads of questions and dealt with 2 lawyers. I am hoping someone can help me now with a definitive list of all the documents we should hold for the purchase of a villa on it’s own plot (land bought separately). We started the build process a few years ago, signed for it 2 years ago but had a long drawn out battle with the agent about who pays for the electrics (new line had to go in across the valley), so we left documents with our lawyer until the matter had been resolved – we are coming down in the next few weeks to do a complete handover. I am sure we probably don’t have all the things we really should have, but if anyone can give me a list it will give me a starting point. For example, not even our lawyers mentioned the habitation licence during the buying process – we have no idea whether or not we have this or how we can get it if it has not been already granted. Therefore we want to be armed with information for the ‘final showdown’!! Many thanks if anyone can help with this.

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