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      Has anybody had dealings with this company, I purchased a property in Costa del Sol, in May 2008, when I completed the purchase, after two months I found that they had not set up all my direct debits, then in August I found out that my electric bill and community charge were not up to date. In November I had a demand from Mijas council for rates dating back to 2005. I keep sending them emails (but its like banging your head off a wall). This company was recommended by Andalucian Dream Homes, who also seem to ignore emails, once the deal has been completed.

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      Name of the lawyers would help for starters. Did you ask them to set up the direct debit with utilities companies, as a separate service.

      This is a separate service, in the past lawyers did it at as part of their conveyancing and included in their exorbitant 1% fee.

      The Spanish don’t use lawyers to buy a property. The lawyers got greedy knowing that its only the English who use a lawyer for practically not doing anything. Specially in the case of off plans as the developers would have the same contract for all the units on the particular phase. The developer was not going to change the contract because the purchasers lawyer has raised a concern. It seams that your lawyer was in the pockets of the developer & the Agent.

      In so far as the Council is concerned. Did you buy a newly built ??? If yes it takes the Council a couple years or so to set up the block/building & they will happily charge you penalty once they have done it & you are not there to respond within the specified date.

      When, I bought my last property. I went to the Council with my property purchase papers, bank details, my passport, a sample of my DNA, at least three times in two years, wasting one morning of my holidays.

      The council checked their records, in my presence. My property etc was on their records. I asked them to set up my direct debit. They where not willing to do & told me that they are not ready.

      Just to annoy the staff. I told them they are only doing this to fleece more money out of me and other non residents because they know very well that non residents cannot deal with the demand & act within the time frame. She the staffs just shrugged her shoulders, meaning I don’t give a s..t. Don’t you know I am a civil servant & I am doing you a favour by turning up to work.

      On a bigger picture of things this kind of behaviour makes an average Spanish irresponsible, uncaring & take the que sera attitude.

      Yes, I am generalising & I am happy and content with it.

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      @shakeel wrote:

      Name of the lawyers would help for starters.

      I think the clue is in the title of the post 😉

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      God, hillybilly, you are so alert despite of the Xmas drinks. How could have I missed such a subtle hint.

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      You say that the electric bill and community charge are also not up to date. Did you assume from word of mouth that the Lawyer would set up these debits? If you are having rates demands from 2005 then the Lawyers/notary have not done their job as this would have shown up on the day of purchase as owed by the seller 😕

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      I was told (and was invoiced) for setting direct debits. I also had trouble getting the initial mortgage payment off them, they withheld 1,400 euros. which they blamed my bank.

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      Lawyers of Spain are no more!!

      I had dealings with them and ADH several years ago (it cost me several thousand pounds for nothing!)

      I have had e amails from LoS saying that the company has split into 2 seperate companies but i dont remember what they were now called as i deleted them straight away.

      I have just bought a house and my agent recomended a friend to help us with all the bills, she came with us to the electric company and the town hall and bank to set up the direct debits. it wasnt cheap tho, an hour the first morning and 3 hours the second morning cost me a whopping 15 euros 😆

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      Hello prober and chilly,

      If you are not happy as to how this LOS has provided its service please send me a pm and I will make sure it is dealt with.

      Regarding the cost of arranging the direct debit of utility bills, do you think this person is available to work for a law firm, at just over 4 Euros per hour?

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      i have tried to pursue my lost monies and have come up empty handed and have decided that its gone.

      I’m not sure whether she would work for 4 euros an hour on a regular basis ( but i seroiusly doubt it)

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