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    I am starting this topic aimed at one particular company…that very sadly I cannot name due to the forum rules. 🙁 (They are a company that use Many-Excuses per person for their lack of care.)
    I have lost count of the number of people using this forum, and who have contacted me personally, that have used them and they all have one thing in common. NO BANK GUARANTEES! 😈

    They are such a huge company and I think it is disgraceful that they have abused so many peoples legal rights. Most of these people are involved in “distressed” developments and this same company is now asking many of these people for more money to take these various developers to court to enable them to get a redress of their situation…which because of their negligence clients found themselves vulnerable in the first place. 😈 😈

    How can this be put to rights? Complaining to their Collegio is as effective as pouring water into a bucket full of holes.

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    You always have criminal actions against whatever the crime they maybe comitting is.

    Find a lawyer who is willing to do so.


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    I think these colegios are set up mainly to protect the lawyers. They aren’t very good in the UK according to some comments I have heard. The one in Málaga never seems to answer the phone!

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    BTW I notice that the UK Solicitors Irwin Mitchell have an office in Marbella and have spanish lawyers working for them. Perhaps if anyone went through their UK office and anything went wrong you could get compensation through the UK law society.

    When I asked friends (and there are many) here on the CDS if any of them could recommend a lawyer not one of them thought they could truly do that even though they hadn’t actually had problems.

    My next door neighbour is a Marbella lawyer, early thirties, one child. They
    employ a live in nanny, a full-time housekeeper, a gardener and run two top of the range luxury cars. Not suggesting he is anything but honest, however, it shows what a lucrative profession it is.

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    There are other British law firms on the CDS which are being set up. More competition for us.

    I fail to understand how you neglect professionally a BG and then demand the client for further funds to obtain it. That should already be included in the 1% a lawyer is paid. The problem stems from the fact that these lawyers have very close ties to a large Manifested Realty International.

    It comes as no surprise why they are the law firm that makes consistently year after year the largest turnover of Andalucía (5-6 million Euros p.a.).

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    Katy – would we feel more comfortable if we saw lawyers driving old bangers and wearing scruffy suits?

    My cousin is our lawyer in UK. He has a 6 bedroomed house – nanny – housekeeper and expensive cars. He is also a damn good legal eagle who has saved his clients a great deal of money (including us) over the years.

    Our Spanish lawyer is also well suited and booted – and very good at his job – his maxim is “client first”.

    I don’t bedgrudge them a penny if they are honest and work for their clients rather than the developers/agents!

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    OliverB, I agree what you are saying. I wouldn’t mind paying 2% fees if I was sure I was getting an exceptional service. I had a very good lawyer for more than 8 years, based in marbella and I never queried his fees, he handled everything for us. He moved to Madrid 🙁

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    Katy – funnily enough – our lawyer is based in Marbella – and he has just returned from working for a while in litigation with his family firm in – Madrid!! Perhaps it is a very small world.

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