Lawyer will not pass on correspondence to new lawyer

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    Hi everyone
    Evetually we have found a lawyer who comes well recommended – after mths of looking.
    We requested old lawyer (JF) to move files and all he has sent is contract and NI details
    He says all other correspondence is personal between client and him and will not pass on
    I think this is unfair as I dont know what he has been saying to developer on my behalf (los Lagos)and want to make sure we have full story
    I have told hoim I am going to write to the colliegio to complain to no avail
    Can anyone help?

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    He is obligued to do so. Did your new lawyer ask him so? The new lawyer is the one who needs to go to the Colegio de Abogados and expose the situation for a quick solution.


    María L. de Castro

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    Your previous lawyer ‘JF’ seems to clearly admit his ‘client’ is the developer – when it should have been YOU 😡

    I and many others at La Reserva had this problem with not transferring files. I (and others) and new lawyer have reported this to the Colegio and have received a response saying that they are investigating the case. Don’t know yet what will come of it but the more of us who report these unscrupulous lawyers the more pressure the Colegio will be under. If you are taking your case to Court, these lawyers can also be exposed for their behaviour then.

    All the best,

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