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      Hi All,

      I’ve picked up on a rumour that ………..

      ….. the anit-terrorism law that kicked in in nov. 07 requires all cell lines to be registered, however, up till now they have not enforced the already-existing lines out there to be registered, as the law only provided for new lines.

      Now they are taking it a step further and requiring the already-existing lines to be registered.

      If you own a ‘Pay As You Go’ or ‘Prepaid’ Spanish mobile phone you could lose your mobile number and have to re-register your phone again. In an attempt to prevent terrorists and criminals using anonymous prepaid mobile phones for communication, the Spanish government has issued a decree that any un-registered phones will be disconnected on the 1st of October.

      To comply with the new registration law, ‘Pay As You Go’ users have to verify their present address through a recent copy of the padron and a copy of their passport. If you presented both those documents at the time of purchasing your ‘Prepaid’ phone as most people will have done, then no further action is required.

      However a number of mobile phone users may have just bought a SIM card to put into an unlocked handset. Until recently it was not necessary to provide proof of address for prepaid SIM cards.

      Any phone number that is not correctly registered on the 1st of October will be switched OFF. It is believed that a grace period will exist before the telephone numbers are recycled. This is likely to effect residents that are currently out of the country and will not be returning until winter.

      Is this just a rumour, or is it real?

      Many thanks,

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      I read this somewhere, but I thought it came into effect some time in 2009.

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