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    Having just read each article in the “SPANISH PROPERTY INSIGHT BULLETIN” I have only one comment… and one thought

    How is it that a modern EU country can be so corrupt that it allows itself to cause so much damage to itself… How depressing.

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    It is a little hard to believe, my guess is that it is due to the accelerated modernisation on Spain (mainly with EU aid). The systems, laws & infrastructure were/are just not sophisticated enough to deal properly with all that has happened here. Whereas, most of the rest of europe has developed the legal framework & systems more slowly, and to deal with issues as they arise.

    Of course, I’m generalising. But this is my guess.

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    El anciano. I do agree with what you posted. All societies evolve. This evolution only takes place if people in the right places are sincere & motivated enough. The later is what Spain is lacking. I speak to many Spaniards from all walks of life & they either are not aware or do wish to enlightened themselves or do not see the need to change.

    No one I spoke to since last year is aware of the house demolishion of the Prior’s ( forgive me if I have got the name wrong ) or that they are living in a Caravan.

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    Who will deal with the corrupt Bank managers? At least two were involved in money laundering in the Malaya case.

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