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      The two buildings that were given a deadline order (until 21st December) of demolishment are still standing. One in Rio Real and the other in San Pedro. Both are unfinished shells anyway.

      Good news was announced last week that a Russian Oligarch has bought the 5 star Los Monteros Hotel. Bad news came last night when 72 out of a staff of 180 were sacked. A letter promised that they would receive all payments owed to them but nothing has been paid into their bank accounts. Probably a taste of things to come 🙁

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      The buyer is acting in the manner that he should be. In a Country where there is no enforcement of law & order. In Rome …………

      In Spain its quite a common practice by businesses to not to pay employees for months. This also includes the Councils.

      Most Oligarch have made their money, mostly in devious manners so a Country like Spain they will take it a duck to the water.

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      hah ha,

      oh my shakeel you made me laugh. You have a super style man. Some time I should like to buy you a beer and tapas

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      Kingy: Merry Christmas to you and on a day when giving takes over the greed of humanity. I will graciously eccept your offer of buying me a beer & Tapas.

      I, suggest you first apply for a mortgage, if someone is willing to lend. Around Last week, I was in an ordinary bar in the Triana district of Seville, with a friend of mine. Yes I do have few of them. It seams not for long. If the drinks are going to cost me the understated prices.

      A glass of Rioja, beer & three tapas cost me €19, the tapas were not of oysters or caviar.

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      At those sort of prices it is not surprising to hear that people are giving Spain a miss next year and booking holidays elsewhere


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      In the last week or so many, many restaurants and bars have reduced their prices in respond to the dire state of the local economy. Just as well as the Brits were not happy paying London prices for Costa crap !! these price reductions will help relieve the pain !! Vote with your FEET and use business’s with pound buster prices!!!!

      Marbella and the coast needs a serious marketing and PR campaign in conjunction with the townhalls ; a contender who could do this and succeed is Mr McCarthy from the ex VIVA estates – if you read this Mr M think about it – only you could do it!!!!!

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