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    Been reading alot about Los lagos. Can anyone please update as to what is happening to Las Vistas which is next door. Has anyone got their deposits back from the developer.

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    I’m out there next week and I’ll ask if anyone knows anything.

    The last time i was there the development had stopped (blocks in differing state of completion), the sales office had gone and the signs had been taken down. I had heard a rumor that some deposits had been paid back, only a rumor you’ll need to check.



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    Hi paul,

    Thanks, and any info will be welcome. I also heard that some people have been paid deposits back, but I need to hear from anyone who has been paid.

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    Hi Acornestates

    The story so far, it is apparently taped off by the Town Hall to stop further building works and even up close there is no evidence of action. Not even the paraphernalia of building works.

    Rumour also has it that deposits have been paid back to those that can’t (won’t) wait either for the BG to mature or for an outcome. Clearly those that wait (or i assume sue) get the deposit and interest (just like the none build of Green Hills.)

    Depending who you talk to it will either by demolished as an “example” or be completed. Some say the one “example” development to be demolished will be in the center of Marbella for maximum noise, so are unlikely to bother with this one.

    All this is rumour of course.

    If I find more I’ll post



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