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      I’m thinking of buying in Faro Park at Playa Banca Lanzarote. The developer tells me work is to start shortly on the golf course, which will push prices up. I have an opinion of that, has anyone got any actual knowledge of the likelyhood?

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      Dear John,

      Sorry, I can’t help you on this one. I hope another visitor to the forum can.


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      I went there a year ago to photograph the showflat and spent a few days on the island. I went to the golf club on the other side of the island and was suprised they had one because I was told that all water on Lanzarote comes from a desalination plant. I would quess it to be highly unlikely that such a small island with no natural water supply would allow 2 golf course.

      When I went to Faro Park the ladies in the sale office told me that business was extremely quiet so I would be open minded on them telling you about a new golf course pushing up prices

      Go on some of the rental websites and look for properties in Lanzarote and give one or 2 owners who live on the island a polite call and ask for their opinion

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      Hi John

      I´ve just noticed your post is a year or so old so probably little use now, but here we go!

      I live on Lanzarote so might be able to help you.

      The only existing golf club at the moment is just outside Costa Teguise. There is a development of new properties currently underway there called Teguise Greens.

      A second golf course is currently being developed outside Puerto del Carmen. It´s in the early stages – probably at least a year away from completion and there doesn´t seem to be any residential development attached (surprisingly).

      A third course is planned for Playa Blanca, although I´m not sure about it´s proximity to Faro Park or the proposed completion dates.

      The island government are keen though to push these developments through as they believe that golf courses help to attract a more upmarket tourist/resident.

      If you want to talk to an agent who is probably more in the know about developments in Playa Blanca then feel free to PM me and I´ll send you his details.

      Happy hunting.

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      I was in Lanzarote a few weeks ago and visited Every town and village and didnt see any evidence of a new golf course.

      There has been talk of a course in Playa Blanca for at least 8 years so far. The wheels of progress work very slowly over there, it took 10 years for them to provide a small stretch of promenade in Costa Teguise, despite being given funds by EU, nice little bit of interest for somebody 😯

      There is only 1 course at present and it is water using recycled sewerage water (lots of flies) my hubby played there regularly at one time and it was never busy, so can’t see how they would fill 3 courses.

      I was totally shocked when I saw what had happened to Playa Blanca, hundreds of new houses and apartments and a huge amount are unsold, prices cheaper than the other resorts as a result. Would be very wary of buying in CB at present and any mention of fantastic new facilitites are more likely to be hype to sell.

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      Other posts are quite correct when they say that there is only 1 golf course in Lanzarote at the moment. This is in Costa Teguise.
      There is another course under development between the main resort of Puerto del Carmen and Tias. This has been underway for a while now and looks like it will be very nice indeed judging on the roads that have been laid and the streetlamps, landscaping etc.
      There are plots of land for sale here – although most are sold already – and I will be happy to give details to anyone who PM’s me.

      As for the golf course in Playa Blanca – the Faro Park developers sold a lot of property on the promise of not one, but two golf courses adjacent to the developments. It is anyone’s guess whether they are “oficially” happening and the local press has wildly differing reports from month to month.
      Basically, the only way to be sure of the Playa Blanca golf course happening is to wait until it is there!
      There were lots of initial investors who bought multiple properties in the Faro Park developments on the premise that the golf course(s) would mean a healthy rental market.
      However, so many properties have been built so quickly in this area that there is bound to be a lot of property both for sale and rent regardless of whether a golf course exists or not.
      Given time, this situation will right itself, once again proving that property is not a short-term investment strategy.

      Furthermore, there is also speculation of another golf course being built in the Puerto Calero development. Will it happen…?

      For those who express surprise at the way Playa Blanca has grown means that they must have known the resort in the past in order to be able to see the current and continuing expansion.
      In this case, surely you must have noticed that for the past 10 years at least, there have been roads that have led to nowhere all over the place. Didn’t you think that these roads had been put there for some future purpose? That “future purpose” is happening right now.
      Furthermore, the Plan Parcial Costa Papagayo is also well underway at the other end of Playa Blanca making the resort pretty huge all in all.

      There are those who say that the Faro Park developments and the PP Costa Papagayo development should never have happened in the first place. They have a point.
      Both areas were just barren, rocky stretches when I first knew them (in the late 70’a) and were still that way in the mid 80’s. However, progress is more often than not in the hands of politicians and developers rather than the man on the street.
      Saying this, however, the Faro Park developments are certainly good quality and fit into the landscape very nicely with lots of use of natural volcanic stone etc.
      The development in PP Costa Papagayo is, quite truthfully, a bit scary as there are hundreds and hundreds of units being built.
      Does Lanzarote need all this new development? Somebody must certainly think so!
      Will it push prices down? Will it flood the market? Valid points which have valid arguments from both sides – but only time will tell.

      For those who know and love Lanzarote, all this new development is a worry. However, the one certain thing is that it IS happening and will continue to do so. For the ordinary man in the street, we have a duty to put pressure on our local politicians to make sure that it is carried out in a sensible way paying regard to the environment.
      Lanzarote is, and continues to be the best preserved of the developed Canary Islands and residents (and myself included as an estate agent) are naturally concerned about the effect new developments have.
      But, you only have to take a look at Fuerteventura and Tenerife to see how Lanzarote have got it right so far, and hopefully will continue to do so.

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      You´re clearly more in the know than me Stew.

      Think a fourth/fifth course at Puerto Calero may be pushing it a little?

      I´m also not totally convinced by the underlying logic, ie golf courses attract more monied tourists. Perhaps a slightly outdated strategy?

      Certainly, whenever I drive past the CT course it seems to be pretty quiet
      and the resort itself doesn´t seem to be awash with the G&T set!

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      Hi Nick,

      I am not a golfer…don’t have the time! But from what I understand, golfers like to have a choice of a few courses to play on.
      The way I see it, if Fuerty has 3 or 4 golf courses and Lanzarote can have 3 or 4, then the powers that be must be looking at REALLY plugging the golf aspect and selling it on the basis that there are 7 or 8 courses to play on with a short, enjoyable boat trip inbetween!!
      One thing is certain, the recent murmurings from Tias town hall about bringing all accommodation up to 4* level in Tias and the money they are spending on the golf course under construction there means that someone somewhere is committed to bringing up the standard and adding a very nice golf course in order to attract tourists with money.
      Historically, Lanzarote has never been a “cheap” holiday destination – until recent years when large tour operators have had to unload seats and hotel accommodation which they are paying for whether they are used or not.
      However, I am sure that you would have noticed how many small, privately owned complexes have been put up for freehold sale in the past couple of years? This is a subject which deserves its’ own thread – but suffice to say that the owners of these complexes (which were all built in late 70’s) were not willing to refurb at a cost of millions just to get Tour Operators who want to pay them 20 euros per unit per night! Plus, the town halls are leaning on them to up the standard of their – admittedly – tired complexes.
      It doesn’t take much to see why the owners decide to cash in their chips and sell for a few million instead of spending it.
      This is great news for the apartment buying public as a lot of these complexes are front line, or almost front line within the main tourist resorts. So, where families have enjoyed holidays in the past, they can now BUY the apartment they have stayed in!
      Great news for the buyer, the vendor, the local town hall too as when complexes are bought privately and a community established, then they are generally kept at a very high standard. So, great for other tourists to see nice apartments front line rather than tired 30 odd year old complexes.
      Of course this throws up another question (I told you this needed its own thread!) about where all the tourists are now going to stay?
      Anyone who knows Lanzarote couldn’t have failed to notice the huge expansion in recent years of Playa Blanca and there are valid arguments whether this is a good or bad thing.
      Either way, it has happened.
      One great thing that has happened as a result is the standard of the hotels which have been built.
      The 5* Melia Volcan; the 5*Princesa Yaiza and so many 4*’s that I can’t list them all! For Mr and Mrs Average 2.4 to come on holiday to Lanzarote now, they are spoiled rotten for choice of beautiful hotels.
      Add to this the new Marina Rubicon in Playa Blanca and it’s not long before you get Mr and Mrs Holidaymaker thinking ” I wouldn’t mind a place of my own here.”
      And suddenly, Bob becomes your fathers brother!
      Of course, one downside for some is the proliferation of All-Inclusive hotels – which is yet another subject which needs it’s own thread because of the impact they can have on the local economy.
      But, in my experience, you will find those who moan the most are those who have been in business for a long time selling tat!
      For my money – and I am prepared to receive flak from local business owners for this – an all-inc hotel should not be seen as something to take business away. It is shipping in clients by the busload and planeload week after week after week. What better business opportunity than someone sending you thousands of (potential) clients each year?!
      So, whether they are pushed or they jump, local businesses have to adapt to survive. What’s wrong with that?
      Anyway – I must stop here!
      As you have probably gathered, I am passionate about Lanzarote. That is one of the reasons I participate in this forum – when I have time!
      Pop up for a coffee when you are next around and we can discuss which business we will open to cater for all the golfers shortly heading our way!


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      Hi Stewlanz, have to agree with you on golfers, wanting a choice of courses, CT course is’nt that great (picon bunkers not good for the old clubs) and a couple of new ones MIGHT bring a few more folks out on golf holidays but as it’s already an expensive destination and golf not a cheap hobby, I can’t see people flooding in.

      Have to disagree with your take on all inclusive though, not such a wonderful thing IMO, quite cheap and tacky, and lets not forget these people tend NOT to spend money else where as they want “to get their monies worth” so how this could benefit tourism in resorts is beyond me, have seen first hand what AI is like in CT and cannot believe that an Occidental hotel has gone down this route, surely a sign that Hotels just are’nt making the money and getting the bookings if they have to resort to going down this road.

      Playa Blanca Marina is lovely, very nicely done and the new hotels are a breath of fresh air but these places are expensive so will Mr and Mrs average be able to afford them? All the new build in PB is astounding, who is going to buy it all, most of which is way too far out from the resort centre, OK to live in but would a family with young children want to be based miles out.

      A while back CT had a glut of private apartments come up for sale precisely because of the tourist licence issue you mentioned, which for front line was great for new investors as they rent well , rented one myself for 7 weeks including xmas and new year for £1000, I doubt I could have got a room in the Teguise Playa for that 😉

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      Hi Flynn,
      All-inc certainly does stir things up!
      There are those who are calling for it to be limited or even banned! But, I don’t know how the town halls/government would get away with that as it would be blatant discrimination.
      Spain is already being dragged through European Court on issues of CGT liability for residents and non-residents….don’t think they want to start taking on the big hotel boys right now!
      I have had family and friends stay in 3key AI apartments where the daily fare is burgers, chips and ice-cream and people soon get bored and (literally) sick of that!
      The 4* AI’s tend to be better, but once again, you can soon tire of it. Too much of a good thing…and all that.
      The point I was trying to make here was that AI’s are here, and they are here to stay. If you are a family going on hols, they are very attractive.
      If you are a local business owner, you have more chance of winning El Gordo than forcing the hotel to close – so adapt and survive.
      But – I don’t really want to start that argument/discussion as we were talking about golf, weren’t we?!
      Along with the 1 course we have, the 1 course being built and the 3 courses being talked about – golf is on it’s way.
      As you rightly say, Playa Blanca is no longer a “fishing village” and must be getting to medium sized “town” proportions.
      Apart from what kind of impact this will have on property prices etc. I wonder how we are going to find all the people to buy them?
      We only have one airport and that gets its doors locked at midnight, or 1am if you are lucky!
      A second airport for Lanzarote? You read it here first!!
      At the other end of the island, there is the much touted Teguise Greens where, basically, a whole new town is being constructed along with new hotels, cinemas and sports ground.
      Add this to all the property in Playa Blanca and there are most certainly “interesting” times ahead for Lanzarote.
      There is lots of local talk about increasing the number of activities for holidaymakers….other than more bars or restaurants and golf is high on the menu.
      Puerto Calero has recently opened its Cretacious (I think!) museum as a world first and Arrecife is getting its sports marina redeveloped.
      Interesting times all round.

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      All valid points Stew.

      As a resident of the northern part of the island I quite often take advantage of the ridiculously cheap deals being offered by the hotels in Playa Blanca just for a change of scenery. The standard and value for money put the other resorts to shame. But then these are newer developments.

      It´s also very noticeable when you study property prices here that you appear to get more for your money in Playa Blanca. 3 bed villas with pools etc seem to start as cheap as €250,000 – which wouldn´t get you far in either CT or PDC.

      The scarey thing for me about some of these developments though is their uniformity. And I guess their quantity. Hence the competitive prices.

      It will be interesting to see what impact all the proposed development such as Teguise Greens has on the market in and around CT. I was reading the other day that some local opposition groups in the Cabildo are not overly enamoured with plans to build two new hotels around the golf course.

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