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      I’m looking for a property/land in Asturias and am getting frustrated with the restrictions on what can be built on. I’m only looking to build a house or two for tourism however most things seem to be non build plots or have very limited expansion potential for current houses.
      My question is how set in stone are these restrictions and is it possible to get round them so to speak? Are there any other factors I should look for that would make it easier? Are allowances made if it is to build for tourism?


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      Spaniards are very proud of Asturias as their “paraíso natural”, the laws are there for a reason which is to protect this landscape.

      You will find that the rules and regulations for building in SPAIN are quite different and have now become more strictly controlled than those in the UK and, at least in Asturias, are in fact enforced differently from area to area. The “normativa” for one council will not necessarily be the same as for another. For one area you may need an architects input in order to repair your roof, in another you will not!

      Your best bet is to look for “fincas edificables” on estate agents websites than look at the ayuntamientos website to see if they have the license application forms online as this might give you an idea..failing that, hire an architect as you will need one anyway!


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      If you’re building for tourism then you may well need to aqaint yourself with ………

      General Building Regs

      Asturias Laws concerning operating accomodation

      On top of the above, you will find that your local village/town council can enforce some items e.g. number of parking spaces, and if you’re messing around with trees or in a wooded area, you may well also need permission from the equivalent of the forrestry commision as part of your license to build.

      It is increasing difficult if not impossible to do a DIY build without involving (and paying) a number of licensed qualified professionals. E.g. electrician.

      There is also a requirement for installing solar energy in your proposal – again, payment is required for a licensed professional to submit the project as part of the planning process and you won’t get the build signed off until they’ve tested and certified the installation.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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