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      The 2002 deeds on my property in Javea, Alicante Region,  describe the plot as “Urbano – Antes Rustica”.

      I would like to extend the house and my builder tells me that he has checked with the Town Hall and this meant that in 2002 the land was being redesignated as Urbano; and that redesignation is now complete so my land is Urbano.  If that is true, then I have no problems increasing the size (the plot is 3300 sqm and the total built size will be around 340 sqm).

      Does what he says sound correct?

      Thank you

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      I think that the rule in Javea is 25 % build v/s plot size, so you don’t appear to have a problem. However, you are not too clear on the process you are following. Since you have to have approved plans and permits to do the work anyway, you should have an architect who would know exactly what is allowed.



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