La Peña, Tarifa, Costa de la Luz

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      Typical sea view from La Peña

      Los Lances beach

      Villa in La Peña

      Beach in front of the Hurricane Hotel, a couple of minutes from La Peña

      If you want somewhere hip and cool, but Ibiza won’t do because you don’t want an island then Tarifa’s for you….if you don’t mind a bit of wind.
      If you don’t want to be in the centre of town then the des res is La Peña, a semi-rural residential area five minute’s drive west of Tarifa, half way down Los Lances beach.
      The problem is that many of the properties in and around La Peña don’t have planning permission. You’ve got to be careful.
      There’s a new urban plan in the works that might change things, not necessarily for the better. Might mean golf courses and blocks of flats, in the tradition of Andalucia’s enlighten urban planning.
      For the moment, at least, it’s still charming.
      Very pricey though, but with good reason. There is lots of monied demand for detached properties in the area, and not much supply. Go figure.

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      i understand the urban plan has now approved 30,000 units (incl 5 massive hotels) between Tarifa and Bolonia between main road and beach …. hope they don’t copy the disgusting new builds leaving Tarifa heading west……… could be worse?? probably ??????” luckily we’re in a recession and with any luck no one will chance developing in our life time !!!!!!!!! ha ha

Viewing 1 reply thread
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