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    Does anyone own property in La Manga Club, or thinking of buying? It has been rarely discussed here.

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    Friends of ours rent an apartment there each year for a week to play golf and say there are extremely good deals to be had rental wise. However, they know several couples trying to sell their time-shares there due to property price falls, lower rents, but higher annual charges making it not worthwhile owning time-shares even at La Manga now. I believe there are good value front line golf properties for sale, and the resort seems to be managing the downturn ok. 🙄

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    Seriously overbuilt around there, not sure how they got a photo like that. Didn’t the club recently go bust 😕

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    Didn’t know that katy, is it likely to close or be taken over, or maybe just cover itself until things improve? Probably explains why there’s quite a lot of time-shares for sale now 🙄

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    The Australian

    I was interested in one…then let it go to wait cheaper prices.

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