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      Would like to hear from Anyone who has purchased “off plan”through “eralia” in 2004,with intention of reselling at a profit before completion. Have you also been misled about profits to be made and ease of resale?regarding this particular development.Do you have any Positive/negative tales to tell?I can`t be the ONLY one who is now going to pay a HIGH price for investing in this development!are you also regretting and screaming in silence!Unaware of the REAL cost of what your investment will now yield in 2006.please reply

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      Hi – we are purchasers of another development by Eralia, Green Hills Santa Maria.
      Many problems, suggest you read threads on this forum.
      Was your contract with Eralia themselves, or is there another name on the contract?
      We thought we were buying from Eralia, but the contract had another name on it. We thought it was all just part of the Gruppo Eralia.
      When we started having problems, Eralia said the development was nothing to do with them, they are only promoting it.
      Wonder if you are in the same situation because now Eralia are saying La Hacienda is a Dream Hills SL development.
      Who is your contract with?

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      Please register so that other people in your situation can contact you by PM.

      Also, I’d like to know which estate agency you bought through, that is if you used one (please let me know by PM).

      I don’t know if it will make you feel any better, but trust me when I say you are DEFINITELY NOT THE ONLY ONE.


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