Kickbacks from Spanish mortgage introductions

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    I think we are alarmed when we read about corruption occurring in Spain. We shake our heads and say it would never happen in UK.
    Reading this article about two RBS bank employees “allegedly asking foreign estate agents for kickbacks worth tens of thousands of pounds in return for referring customers” made me think.
    I wonder if what is reported is true.
    “Agents have been surprised that RBS has continued to lend large amounts of money to people wishing to buy properties abroad at a time when many small businesses and consumers complained that it was denying them credit. “

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    that sort of thing about kick backs go on in the uk as well.
    although the agents will say otherwise.
    but its fact and quite disturbing what lenghts they will go to.
    i know as i’ve seen it with my own eyes

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    “We make the whole process of buying in Spain simple,” boasted the senior NatWest executive. “Sit back… sip a glass of rioja, have a couple of tapas, and let us deal with the detail.” …..
    ‘The allegations are the latest to cast a shadow over the Spanish property market, which is rapidly becoming one of the major victims of the global credit crisis. Although RBS still offers a limited number of Spanish mortgages, if the allegations against the salesmen end up in court, observers believe that it may signal the end of the bank’s European lending’.

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    A high percentage of people who became victims of the corruption surrounding the property scandals in Spain (and other countries) were ripped of by British oicks claiming to be/work for, respectable and bone fide REAs. This report was unsurprising, given what has been reported about the banking fraternity of late.

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