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      Have a semi detached house which is being damaged from rainwater from garden next door  which causes plaster and paint to come off walls in sitting room.  House next door was repossessed by Llyods intenational in 2012 then sold as part of Llyods portfolio to Banco Sabadell in 2013. Former tenants who were there from 2008 left in April 2015 and house vacant since.Banco Sabadell say they are taking former tenants through judical process in order to gain full possession and will not tell us when this will happen.  Have we no rights in this case ? Appreciate any advice as we are a year trying to get answers.

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      Thanks,  Angie54, for sharing this issue! Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do in such a case, but a good Spanish solicitor should be able to throw light on this issue or maybe you can go to the local notary with the papers. We have found that notaries are very helpful and will answer questions of this sort.

      We are in the process of buying a house and how I will even have to check out the neighbours, in case the neighbouring house is a reposessed bank property!!! So thanks again for sharing!

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