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      We’re interested in speaking to people who have invested in property in the UK or abroad as an alternative pension plan.

      Whether it has been successful or not in the past year we would like to hear from you.

      I can be contacted on: 0044 (0)207 156 6030 for a chat or you can email me on:

      Many thanks


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      It will end up trying to cover the various aspects & not coming to any conclusions, like his previous ones. The program keeps on revisiting Spain without anything of substance. I have a feeling its working holidays for the boys and girls at share holders expense.

      If he is so much concerned about the plight, suffering of the British. He should be making a programme on each of the subjects starting from the Priors, expose the Councils/Junta, planning frauds, Spanish Lawyers, English estate agents, Legal system. I am sure that by the time he finishes covering all the areas that has had devastating affects on people he would have gone bald.

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