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      mike wrote:

      Ideas from the article:

      1) Britons made up two-thirds of all foreigners buying property in Bulgaria last year –

      2) “But in January we discovered British estate agent George St Clare had charged us £8,500 more than the actual asking price and, worst of all, we did not own the land.”

      This is exactly what I said yesterday and people like Claire, Katy and casaloca were very
      harsh to contradict me.

      Brits made the worst investments, they also cheated on each other and the last ones
      are holding the bags. Evenworse, even the bags got stolen from them.


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      Hi Ralita,

      I have a very good friend (Lawyer) who recently married a Bulgarian. His wife has been telling me the realities of buying over there and basically the mafia control the construction industry.

      I’m sure that other forum members didn’t mean to be too harsh towards you and I for one enjoy posting from you. Communication is 70% non-verbal – we only read the other 30% here so it’s easy to be misunderstood.

      I hope you keep on posting!

      Take care.

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      @ralita wrote:

      ….and people like Claire, Katy and casaloca were very harsh to contradict me.

      Harsh? I find that amusing coming from someone who repeatedly posts about ‘stupid Brits’ who need ‘re-educating’.
      Don’t dish it out if you’re such a sensitive bunny.

      It is possible to post your opinions without such blatant rudeness – to some of us Brits it is offensive. And to make such a generalisation shows ignorance.

      @casalaloba wrote:

      I identify myself as Casa La Loba because that’s the name of my house

      casalaloba – I think Ralita has just re-named your house ‘casaloca’………….

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      That’s a bit harsh Charlie!

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      Which bit? 😯

      ….didn’t mean to be ‘harsh’. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m just a stupid Brit who obviously needs re-educating…… 🙁

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      Sorry Maximus

      with all due respect to yourself and Ralita he/she does come across as offensive. I don’t take offence easily but I can see how his/her comments on this and other threads can easily be mis-construed. It appears he/she is hell bent on starting flame wars and this may just be a personality thing or cultural thing or it may be blatantly antagonistic – but to say Charlie’s comments are a bit harsh I think is fanning the flames somewhat not to say totally incomprehensible.

      Its ok it seems for Ralita to start flame wars but not for anyone to defend themselves.

      Two sides to every story I think you will find


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      Vince – actually I gave Maximus the benefit of the doubt on this one and gathered it was written tongue in cheek…. ❓

      Ralita, suggest you read (and digest?):

      posted by casalaloba at 5.22pm

      Now that is a good education!

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      well said, ralita has made some good points, but i’m afraid like several people who are posting at the moment, he/she refuses to blame the guilty parties, and would rather put the blame on honest people who at some stage, (like everyone else has) had to trust someone. How people think we can be held to blame in many cases for trusting a lawyer or a judge defies belief?, but they do. So easy to be smug, when your gamble turns out to be a winner. But of course it wasn’t a gamble for them because they are not stupid or need re-educating like us!!!!

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      Just a comment on the article itself. As non Bulgarian nationals we are not allowed to own the land anyway. You must either buy in the name of a Bulgarian national or set up a Bulgarian company. I am sure a lot of people dont realise this and a lot will end up getting caught out.


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